Cartagena Carnaval

The Cartagena Carnaval has been declared as a “tourist attraction of the region“. It’s the biggest festival Cartagena has to offer and it takes place in February, at the weekend before Ash Wednesday. It last for 5 days, each day filled with a rich programme and outstanding performances. Some of the acts include Election of the Queen, Drag-Queen contest, a parade, Burning of Don Carnal, and lots more.

The Sea of Music

La Mar de Músicas is celebrated in the month of July. Its main headquarters are the Parque Torres Auditorium, a stage located on a hill, from which you can see the port, the Roman Theater and the city.

The Night of the Museums

La Noche de los Museos has become in its short history one of the most relevant cultural activities of the city’s cultural life.


It is an International Festival of Improvised Oral Poetry, organized by the Trovera Association José María Marín and which replaces the Trovo National Contest. It is celebrated every year in the month of August. Participants improvisers from various countries of Latin America and Spain, resulting in a magical mixture of different music and ways of repenting.

Cartagena Jazz Festival

It was celebrated during the month of November since 1980. It gathers in Cartagena the most prestigious figures of this music. Parallel to the concerts there are performances, live, in different cafes in the city, as well as exhibitions.

International Film Festival

During the month of December the Cartagena Film Festival floods the city with films through its different sections: Feature Films, Animated Tale, Documentaries, Short Films Official Section and MURcine, specializing in the work of regional filmmakers.

Habaneras Festival

In the incomparable setting of Cabo de Palos, on the shores of the Mediterranean, Noche de Habaneras is intended to fill the night of August with a conglomeration of sounds, colors and flavors, projected in the sky, the moon and the sea, with the participation of Corals of Cartagena as well as Torrevieja, Totana or Murcia.

Folklore Festival

In La Palma folk performances, festivals, tasting exhibitions and singing cafes are performed by the folkloric group “Ciudad de Cartagena”, in order to recover the traditions and dances of the Cartagena countryside.

I’m keen on history, for that reason I love Cartagena. This city has 2.000 years of history. Its blend of modernity and tradition makes Cartagena a unique city. UPCT has buildings with historic classrooms and places reserved to students.

Giulia Gambuzzi,<br /> Italy