Application process

List of documents required

Access to Master Studies – Documentation CHECKLIST

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Certificate obtained in your home country in which it is stated that your completed studies allow you to access Master studies
  3. Full transcript of records in which the following data is shown:
  • Official duration of the degree (in academic years)
  • Subjects taken
  • Workload of those subjects  (in hours)
  • Grades of those subjects – explain percentage
  • Certificate from the home University (or competent authority) in which it is accredited that you have access to Master Studies


  1. Please remember that all documents need to be official and need to be issued by the competent authorities. Also, they need to be legalised, so an Apostille Stamp (see below for more information) is mandatory.
  2. Documents must be submitted in Spanish OR English. Should the original documents be translated into Spanish, the translation will have to be official.



1. Provide scanned copies of the above listed documents’ originals and email them to our representatives. If the documents are not in English, they’ll need to be translated.  

2. Your documents will be passed on to the admissions officer at the UPCT to review your application.

3. If the application is successful, then an offer letter will be issued for visa purpose.

4. Before the offer letter is handed over to the applicant, the applicant will need to pay a fee; details for fee payment will be provided with account detail, amount, etc.


Once the applicant receives the offer letter, he/she needs to do the following:
1. Complete a visa application form from the Spanish embassy which is available online.
2. Make an appointment for submitting the visa application.
3. Get all the documents Apostle.
4. Attend the visa interview, as instructed, making sure all required documents are taken along to the interview.

This will include:
– All the documents listed above.
– Proof of funds for the duration of the course for accommodation, food, etc.
– Proof of bank loan acceptance, if applying for a bank loan.
– If parents are funding the course, original bank books/statements, etc.
– Take as much additional/supporting evidence as possible e.g.
– If there is a family business, proof of accounts, deeds, etc.
– Family property – house, land, etc.
– Investment – savings, bonds, stock and share certificates, etc.

The objective is to help the visa-issuing officer to make an informed decision and demonstrate that the applicant is genuinely going to study in Spain and will return back on completion of the course.


Once the visa is issued, the student will need to move on arranging

– Flights (student has to arrange).

– Accommodation (the UPCT will assist in arranging).

– Transfers (student has to arrange).

– Bank account in Spain (UPCT will assist in opening).

– Health insurance.

I love UPCT for the architecture of its ancient buildings and especially the School of Business where I study. I have never seen such an Erasmus group like the one in this University. I like meeting people from Europe. Cartagena is, in my opinion, a small paradise.

Maulik Makwana,<br /> India