Tech skills all MBA students should have

Tech skills all MBA students should have

The landscape of business and industry is continuously evolving. Organisations are facing innovation disruptions from technology every day. The current pandemic has only pushed this into force with remote working and excessive dependence on data analytics. Therefore, it becomes essential for business leadership and management to inculcate a basic understanding of technical tools. All MBA students must hone their skills and shape their career trajectory with some basic but extremely relevant tech skills.

Data analysis

The new mantra of the business world is “Data is the new oil”. Certain industries are booming and data is the reason why. One of the top tech skills for management students is proficiency in analytical tools. The most basic and commonly used tool in organisations for data handling is MS Excel. Due to its widespread popularity, knowing Excel is a must these days. It is not just very easy to use but it is also logical to implement. You do not need to memorise the formulas, just build logic on the data you are conducting.

Programming languages

While this is not a must-have for MBA candidates, it is still an added advantage. As a manager, you will work on various projects where your deliverable will be a software interface or an app. While you will be having a team of engineers for the coding part, as a manager you cannot understand and review your deliverables unless you know the basics of the problem you are solving or the requirement your product is fulfilling.

Presentation and design

Good working knowledge of presentation tools is one of the most important tech skill for management students. Presentations are critical in the corporate setup as they are an official form of communication between a client and a business. Companies require managers to make presentations to their clients that put out their business objectives, offerings and solution to their problem. Similarly, companies need an aesthetic design for their website or social media handles to connect with their consumers.

Technical writing

Managers are tasked with the responsibility of setting goals and objectives on a project. They are required to facilitate cross-functional or cross-divisional team cooperation in a project. They are also expected to communicate the expectations, deliverables, limitations, etc. of one team with the other. Lastly, they communicate the technical, budgetary and other requirements of teams to the supervisors.

Project management

Managers communicate the information received from top management to the employees. They also create Minutes of the Meeting, training and staffing material, reports, etc. Managers also create reports on the internal and external process, stakeholder management, competitor analysis and project documentation.

While these are some of the top tech skills for MBA students to know to stand out from the crowd, there are others, too. We live in competitive times and every day brings in a new challenge. Today’s most important thing is to constantly update and upgrade yourself with the times to stay relevant.

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Three types of management skills you need

Three types of management skills you need

Good management skills are vital for any organisation to succeed and achieve its goal and objectives. Above all, a manager who fosters good management skills is able to propel the company’s mission and vision or business goals forward with fewer hurdles and objections from internal and external sources.

Management skills are crucial for various positions and at different levels of a company. According to American social and organisational psychologist Robert Katz, the three basic types of management skills include:

  1. Technical skills,
  2. Conceptual skills and
  3. Human or Interpersonal skills.

Technical skills

Technical skills give managers the ability and the knowledge to use a variety of techniques to achieve their objectives. These skills not only involve operating machines and software, production tools, and pieces of equipment but also the skills needed to boost sales, design different types of products and services, and market the services and the products.

Conceptual skills

These involve the skills managers present in terms of the knowledge and ability for abstract thinking and formulating ideas. In detail, the manager is able to see an entire concept, analyze and diagnose a problem, and find creative solutions. Consequently, this helps the manager to effectively predict hurdles their department or the business as a whole may face.

Human or Interpersonal skills

The human or the interpersonal skills are the skills that present the managers’ ability to interact with people. Specifically, these skills enable the managers to make use of human potential in the company. Furthermore, to motivate the employees for better results.

Bottom line

Management skills are a collection of abilities that include things such as business planning, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, delegation and time management.

While different roles and organisations require the use of various skillsets, management skills help a professional stand out and excel no matter what their level.

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