How Will You Benefit From a Degree in Telematics Engineering

How Will You Benefit From a Degree in Telematics Engineering

A career in telematics engineering offers diversity, scope for creativity, a dynamic environment and much more. Telematics is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies, electrical engineering and computer science. Hence our Master in Telematics Engineering offers advanced education about the last technological advances. In this blog post we’ll be focusing on the career benefits in Telematics engineering.

High-demand job

Telematics engineering is aggressively growing. Therefore, in today’s times opportunities are galore for a telematics professional. Moreover, this trend will only rise with the ever growing demands of the consumers. A telematics engineer can work for some of the following companies:

  • Telecom equipment manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia, etc.
  • Telecom network providers like Vodafone, Airtel, etc.
  • Banks and Financial institutions
  • Research laboratories across the globe
  • System integrator companies such as Accenture, IBM, Wipro, etc.

Problem-solving abilities

A telematics engineer usually has complete responsibility of constructing a telecommunication system or device. Eventually, spending some time in this field, you’ll learn how to draft plans, design and configure such devices. You’ll also compile engineering project proposals to define goals, identify scope, background and estimated costs. Another thing to mentions is that analytical and problem solving skills are an added advantage. So as you grow in this profession, identifying and analyzing problems will become one of your most significant traits.

Interpersonal and communication skills

Many engineering positions include the ability to serve as liaison between different business segments or even with customers. In addition, many telematics engineer positions include being a point of contact. Specifically, tthis occurs at level 3/tier 3 escalating for troubleshooting in customer care. Therefore, you will boost your interpersonal and communication skills.

Higher salary

As mentioned earlier, being a telematics engineer is a high-demand job. Having a Master’s degree in Telematics Engineering comes with a higher average salary.

Effective documentation skills

As networks are designed and deployed, employers want engineers who can clearly and accurately document everything. In particular, architectures, functionality, and other details of telematics infrastructure and software. All in order to maintain good information for maintenance, troubleshooting, and future upgrades. In detail, this requires ISO standardized documentation. As a result, many employers seek people who are proficient-to-excellent in their ability to use Microsoft Office applications.

Telematics helps increase productivity, reduce labor costs, control fuel costs. It also helps increase fleet safety and security, reduce operating expenses, and reduce unauthorized vehicle use. Because of these reasons, telematics engineering is important in the world today. Do you want to know more about our Telematics engineering study programme and career benefits? Talk to our counsellor to get more information.

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